Wedding Custom Mirror Frame Decor Sticker


All of our products are specially designed for easy application, so can be put up and removed with little effort. We use the highest quality materials available, and take the upmost care in their manufacturing. All of our products are made new upon purchase, and come with easy to follow instructions. If you want value for money - we will not disappoint. 

Hot Pink
Light Blue
Medium Green
Mid Grey

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Very easy! We will provide step by step application instruction, it is not hard to do.
Of course! We can custom-size any design for you.
We have the most fun making custom designed decals for our customers! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work up something that you will love!
Our vinyl graphics are made new upon purchase and may be stored for up to 2 months. Be sure to store them in a clean, dry area, at room temperature - prolonged storage can increase the bond between the tape and the vinyl, making tape removal difficult following application. This condition worsens if the graphic is stored at elevated temperatures. 
Vinyl will not adhere to surfaces painted with Stain Guard, silk, gloss or VOC free paints - these have matting agents that float to the surface and can cause interference with adhesion. Always allow at least 30 days on newly painted surfaces. It should be completely cured or bubbles can occur if the paint is still out-gassing, which will push the vinyl off the surface. Make sure all drywall, painted or repainted surfaces, have been primed in order to avoid unwanted adhesive remains and paint peeling upon removal.
Absolutely not. We use the best vinyl on the market, which is specially made for wall application. To remove the decals, start at a corner and simply peel them away. They will come off easily and will not cause any damage.
Yes. Be aware that the use of Sticky Lingo wall decals may cause happiness overdose and uncontrollable urge to hug your wall. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact for immediate assistance.